Residential Abstracts

These abstracts include the entire chain of title starting from the sale of the captioned property by the developer of the subdivision through its present ownership. Abstracts of this nature are typically thirty-five year abstracts. The abstract also includes research of the current owner’s names in the conveyance and mortgage records of Jefferson Parish through the Clerk of Court’s current indices. In addition, any owners in the chain of title whose names have not been researched as evidenced by conveyance and mortgage certificates are also researched in the conveyance and mortgage records from the date of their acquisition through the filing date of their divestiture. Any open or uncancelled mortgage inscriptions (such as mortgages, judgments and liens, etc.) are disclosed on our summary report. Copies of all applicable restrictions and rights of way are also provided upon client’s request.

Residential Abstract Fee
$125.00 abstract fee
Plus copy cost

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