Conveyance & Mortgage Certificates

This is a certificate research of the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s conveyance and mortgage records in the names of property owners as to specific property which they currently own. The names of prior owners may be run as well as our client’s discretion. These certificates are certified by our Jefferson Certificate Corporation Clerks and are accepted by the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s Office. This research will report any and all applicable alienations or encumbrances registered in the conveyance records as well as any and all open mortgage, liens and judgment that may apply to the owners or captioned property. The names will be researched from the owner’s date of acquisition to the current index date of the Clerk of Court’s Office in Jefferson Parish, with the exception of judgments and liens. Any open judgment or liens will be shown from January 1, 1967 through the Clerk of Court’s current index date.

Conveyance & Mortgage Certificate Cost: see schedule of fees*

(*the number of names run determines the cost of these certificates)

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